Sports Takeover: 3/27/19

On this week's show, we take at look at some retirements going on around the sports world in the last week. New AAF developments indicate not all is peachy between the AAF and the NFL. Following that, we look at some more monster contract extensions being dished out in MLB. While the baseball season is just getting underway, the NBA and NHL regular seasons are wrapping up, and the push to the playoffs is on! We first look at the disparity between the Eastern and Western conferences in the NBA before moving to the wild wild Wild Card races occurring in the NHL. The Round of 64 and Round of 32 are over and done with for March Madness, and the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 are up next as we cover all of the upsets and close calls of the first two rounds before looking ahead to the next two rounds. In standard fashion, we conclude with Quick Picks and Bold Predictions.

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