Sports Takeover 3/20/19

On this week show, we kick things off with 1st and Short: NHL edition as we go through some milestones being made by players around the league. Next up is the MLB Season Preview as we look at some notable extensions that occurred within the last month, alongside who our predictions for Division and World Series champions will be. After baseball comes NFL and all of the leftover free agents and trades we missed last week. It's March, and that means one thing in the minds of sports fans: March Madness. We give our preview for the tournament, some teams to look out for, along with potential upsets that could be brewing. We follow that with another segment of Top Takeover, this time looking at the Top 5 biggest upsets in March Madness history. Lastly, we conclude with quick picks where we both aim to go above .500 this week.

Note: We forgot to include it in the show, but Chris chose Kentucky to win the tournament and Matt chose Virginia. Also, if there is an idea you would like to see on the show, whether it be a segment, topic, or just some way you feel about something we already have, email us at
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