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February 14, 2019  

Sports Takeover: 2/13/18


On this week's show, a new segment opens up the show in the form of 1st and Short where we hit a few topics ranging from the Penguins, to skiing, and to the NFL in a short and concise format. Next comes the meat of the show which kicks off with first week analysis of what the Alliance of American Football had to offer for fans. Following the AAF comes NBA trade news, as the deadline has come and gone and we look at who the big winners and losers were this year. The Phillies keep stoking the fire of the hot stove as JT Realmuto is joining Philadelphia in a trade with Miami, and we discuss the implications for the Phillies moving forwards. The 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season kicks off this weekend with the Daytona 500, and we take a look at some of the changes in the offseason, and who to look out for as the season gets underway. More of our favorite, NHL coaching firings, comes next as we look at what went wrong with Anaheim and Randy Carlyle. Lastly, we go back to the fan favorite format of quick picks and bold predictions to wrap up the show for the week.

February 12, 2019  

Sports Takeover 2/06/19


The NFL season has finally come to conclusion as Super Bowl LIII has come and gone, and we have all of the post-game analysis for you. Additionally, we look at the NFL Honors and 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class Inductees. We then take a look at the disappointing season that was the 2019 Steelers season in depth. A new football league, the Alliance of American Football, is discussed next. Lots of NHL and NBA news as trades and signings galore occur in both leagues at a frantic pace. A new segment, Top Takeover, comes next where we each examine and rank our top five dynasties in professional sports since the 1960s. Finally, we end with quick picks, and they sure are quick this week.

February 4, 2019  

Sports Takeover 2/4/2019


On this week's show, a preview of Super Bowl LIII is discussed first. Following the Super Bowl discussion, the 2019 MLB Hall of Fame class is discussed, and what implications this class has for future classes. Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans, and the guys discuss if the Lakers are the best move, or what the best move may be for the Pelicans. A few trades are discussed in the NHL, with one occurring in Toronto having major implications for the playoff race. We unveil a new segment, Uncorked, and go in depth to what is occurring in MLB free agency and why big names are not signing yet. Lastly, we include our quick picks in the hopes that we do not go 4-3 again.

January 25, 2019  

Sports Takeover: 1/23/19


On this week's show, the AFC and NFC championship games are discussed in immense depth. Following that is our picks for the NFL Honors for the 2018 season, followed by our rankings of the Top 5 coaches in the NFL right now. Next, we discuss which NHL teams need to look towards making moves as the trade deadline quickly approaches. A shakeup in the Top 10 in college basketball is up next. Quick picks follow as always, with a new segment, What to Watch, concludes the show.

January 18, 2019  

Sports Takeover: 1/18/19


Fresh off a four week hiatus, the guys are back to discuss all of the happenings in sports. First will be the conclusion of the college football season where the bowl games and college football playoff games are discussed to put a cap on the season. Next we move into the NFL where the regular season is recapped, followed by analysis of the Wild Card and Divisional rounds, and a preview of the Conference Championships. After that we take a look at the NHL to see how the standings and statistics are shaping up as move past the halfway point. The NBA receives the same treatment as the NHL in terms of standings and statistics. As per usual, we conclude with quick picks and bold predictions to wrap up our first show of 2019.

December 13, 2018  

Sports Takeover: 12/12/18


In the last episode of 2018, we discuss what we learned from the NFL this past weekend in a slew of interesting outcomes. Next we go over the various college football awards, and preview the College Football Playoff matches. The MLS Cup is over now, with a champion finally crowned. We then look at some of our favorite teams in the NHL at this point of the season, and discuss where these teams can go from here. Up next we have a 2018 year of sports in review, where some moments from the beginning of the year that may have been forgotten about come back to light. Lastly, we end with quick picks and bold predictions to conclude the first season of the show.

December 11, 2018  

Sports Takeover 12/05/18


As we progress to the final month of 2018, the MLS championship is finally upon us. Next we discuss the Bulls coach being fired. MLB resurfaces on the show, with plenty of Hot Stove action in the NL East involving the Mariners. The Flyers have their new GM and the 32nd team has been announced in NHL news. Following that, we discuss the college football playoff final rankings alongside the Heisman finalists. The disturbing news involving Kareem Hunt starts the NFL segment, with Mike McCarthy's firing up next, and concluded by an analysis of the poor officiating of the Chargers and Steelers game. As always, we end with quick picks and bold predictions.

November 29, 2018  

Sports Takeover: 11/28/18


After Thanksgiving break, the guys are back to discuss what we missed in the past week, including Tiger/Phil, Joey Logano's NASCAR triumph, the wild Monday night game, the Warriors losing streak, and the top five college basketball matchup. Following that recap, we look to the conference finals of the MLS playoffs. Another firing comes to our show, as one NHL team's GM departure is highlighted. Next we discuss who has the better win streak, the Houston Texans or the Buffalo Sabres. The NFL is up next, with the misery of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the .500 jungle being topics of discussion. After that, we discuss the past week, the upcoming week, and playoff picture in college football. Lastly, we conclude with quick picks and bold predictions.

November 16, 2018  

Sports Takeover 11/16/2018


On this week's episode of Sports Takeover, we open the show by highlighting the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship taking place this weekend. Next we move back to the MLS, where we provide an update on the playoffs as conference finals approach. We stray away from the top 25 this week and discuss our Heisman candidates as the season begins to come to a close in college football. Next we finally put the Le'Veon Bell discussion to bed. Following that, we discuss the teams in the NFL who took massive hits this past weekend, and what they can do moving forward. Jimmy Butler trade talks follows, with implications for the 76ers and Timberwolves. Afterwards, we discuss where the NHL sits a month into the season, with some surprises on both sides of the standings. Lastly, we wrap up with quick picks and bold predictions.

November 8, 2018  

Sports Takeover 11/07/18


On this week's episode of Sports Takeover, we start with the second round of the MLS playoffs. Next comes a look at men's college basketball as the beginning of the season is upon us. Following that comes coaching turmoil in the NBA and injury news. After that, we look at more partnerships for the NHL and a pair of coaching changes. Next we have a midseason review of the NFL, followed by a recap of the last week in college football. Lastly, we wrap up with some quick picks and bold predictions.