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In the last episode of Let's Talk About It, Malyk Shannon and Danica all discuss who they look up to, and their favorite moments from Their first Sentry Retreat and Shannon's radio...

This week Malyk Shannon and Danica Talk about why they celebrate their favorite Holidays. They also talk about some of their favorite rides at Kennywood.

This week Malyk Shannon and Danica all talk about things they did as kids that their parents didn't allow them to and they talk about their favorite time to be around babies

This week Shannon asks Malyk and Danica about their opinions on Cotton Candy and also a popular youtubers recent engagement

Malyk, Shannon and Danica talk about their experiences during spring break, camping and Malyk and Shannon narrate a time lapse of one of Danica's drawings.

Malyk and Shannon are joined by Allee. They discuss what their favorite social media is and Malyk and Shannon spoil West Side Story for Allee.

This week Shannon went to the career fair and wants to talk about it. Everyone also discusses why dogs are better than cats.

Malyk, Shannon and Danica talk about Commuting to school and living on campus decided if Shannon would be a better professor or an elementary school teacher.

Danica joins Malyk and Shannon as a permanent host and this week they talk about whether they prefer tea or coffee and also high school sex ed 

This week Allee Thompson joins Malyk and Shannon and they discuss the best way to eat breakfast and help Shannon decide on her study abroad options.

In the first episode of Let's Talk About it Logan Carney joins your hosts Malyk Johnson and Shannon Devlin to talk about pineapples on pizza. Malyk and Shannon also talk about dogs...